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The Baby and All Bag changing bag and carrier in one is totally unique amoung baby changing bags!


The Story behind the Baby and All Bag




Mine has been a godsend and I love the fact that I never even have to think about bringing a carrier, I always know I have one. On one occasion I was at an interiors exhibition and I had checked in advance to make sure that I could take a pushchair and even when I arrived the reception staff said it would be fine. As soon as I walked in the door I came across another mother fighting her way out with her pushchair and she simply laughed at me and said “You haven’t got a hope, I should give up now!” I left the pushchair at reception and carried little Holly around on my Baby and All Bag. No problem. It’s just brilliant for those times when you pop into the shops for a few minutes and instead of your toddler fighting their way free to the sweets stand they are at eye level with you and engaged in what you are doing. I could go on but really everyone will find their own reasons to love their Baby and All Bag.


I have had plenty of encouragement and kind words of support along the way, not least from the Baby Products Association and the team of judges of the Concept Award who chose the Baby and All Bag as the winning product for 2006. I had always had confidence that parents would love this bag but knowing that my belief in my product was shared by industry experts was a really fantastic boost.


So I hope that this is just the first of many great products that Debra Clare will be bringing you and I look forward to your comments as well as your custom!




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I am Debbie Mankelow and one of the questions that I am most frequently asked is “ What inspired you to design the Baby and All Bag?”  I designed it for my own need and have honestly used one every day since. As my little girl got bigger I often found it really difficult to carry her and all our various belongings particularly when picking up my 5 year old from school.


I had, on occasions, rested my baby on top of my handbag to briefly take some of the weight off my arms, she was never a delicate little thing. It occurred to me that there must be a safe and secure way of combining a shoulder bag and baby carrier. Hey presto, many months of prototypes, patents, manufacturing issues and British Standard requirements and we have The Baby and All Bag for all your essentials and the baby too!